History and Background of Parsons on Mission

For those of you who don’t know about Parsons on Mission, we’d like to share a little about how it came about and what we work every month to achieve. After attending a Bible study with a group of professional women, Parsons’ owner Cris Willis started thinking about how her business could be a ministry. Parsons initially began bringing in chaplins for their customers, employees, and anyone who might want to talk to someone outside of their church, or if someone wasn’t involved in a church. After Cris and her family had made some trips to Africa with Partners for Care, a group that supports Kenya nationals in building a better life for their people, the vision of what Parsons could do became very clear. Parsons hosted a Funds For Africa “yard sale” at the store where customers and community members could bring in their gently used handbags to be sold at yard sale prices. While the event was a hit in terms of raising money for Partners for Care, it was also the beginning of a monthly focus to bring awareness, financial support, and needed donations to various charities, causes, and local ministries in our area. Parsons on Mission has partnered with Buckets of Love (for victims of Hurricane Katrina), No Longer Bound (for recovering addicts in Cumming), Next Generation Focus (for teachers who tutor children free of charge), Rock Goodbye Angel (for families who’ve experienced pregnancy and early infant loss), Supporting Adoption and Foster Families Together, and so many more.

Northside Hospital Foundation is the Parsons on Mission for October

The month of October’s Parsons on Mission is Northside Hospital Foundation. Parsons will be accepting donations to the Northside Hospital Foundation Breast Cancer Funds from October 15th to October 27th and if you donate $5 or more you will receive a $5 Parsons gift certificate as a “Thank You”. During Parsons Facebook Live Fashion Show on Thursday, October 25th from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, Parsons will be featuring fabulous new fall fashions and sharing more about the Northside Hospital Foundation. Plus, you just might WIN something…so be sure to watch! Members of the Northside Hospital Foundation will also be at Parsons on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th to accept donations and share information on all that they do.

Vote for Parsons

Voting is open until October 31st for the Best of Forsyth 2019! Click hereto vote for Parsons for Best Retail Gift Shop (we are also located under Boutiques and Gift Shops) or head over to Forsyth News. Be sure to vote for all of your other favorite local businesses, too!